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Organizational Structure

The success of the Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative depends on close collaboration among the leaders, partners, and stakeholders who form the basic building blocks of its organizational structure. Their commitment is foundational to the clean energy economy we are building. The Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative is committed to working closely with all of these groups to incorporate their perspectives, win their support for key decisions, and gain useful insights into Hawaii’s unique challenges.




As needed, charrettes, will provide a format for dialog and critical thinking around developing issues of interest. Each charrette will be designed around the unique needs of the subject matter.  Outcomes from the charrettes will help inform future HCEI actions and can result in the formation of “strike teams”, or action groups, to delve even deeper into specific issues.

The first charrette will focus on transportation and will review, analyze, and provide recommendations to establish a comprehensive transportation plan that reduces the consumption of petroleum products in Hawaii’s transportation sector.