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Policy 2017

Act Description
Purpose Significance
 Act 32 Requires the State to expand strategies and mechanisms to reduce greenhouse gas emissions statewide in alignment with the principles and goals adopted in the Paris Agreement. Hawaii has a tradition of environmental leadership, having prioritized policies regarding conservation, reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, and development and use of alternative renewable energy. Makes appropriations for purposes of this Act and a climate change mitigation and adaptation coordinator position.
Act 39 Establishes the Innovation and Commercialization Initiative Program. Expressly gives the University of Hawaii the legal authority to create, promote, and participate in new economic enterprises and expand workforce opportunities based on inventions and discoveries generated by or at the University. Transforming ideas and concepts arising from basic and applied research conducted at the University of Hawaii, the sole public institution of higher education in this State, into commercially viable and sustainable products and businesses will contribute to economic health and workforce diversification.
 Act 57 Authorizes the Department of Education to borrow moneys interest-free from the Hawaii Green Infrastructure Loan Program. Permits a financing mechanism for heat abatement measures at public schools. Requires the Department of Education to make payments on the loan from revenues saved by energy efficiency measures. To advance Hawaii’s clean energy goals, the legislature also required the Department of Education to establish a goal of being net-zero with respect to energy use by January 1, 2035.
 Act 186 Establishes the University of Hawaii (UH) Green Special Fund. Supports energy efficiency, renewable energy, and sustainability projects and services, and planning, design, and implementation of sustainability projects for UH’s benefit. Green revolving funds are an innovative and proven mechanism for universities and other large institutions to reduce operating costs and environmental impact while promoting education and engaging stakeholders.
 Act 205 Repeals regulatory structure for transmission cable. Repeals Chapter 269, part VIII, Hawaii Revised Statutes, relating to the interisland transmission system. Deleting part VIII of Chapter 269 will not prevent the construction of an interisland cable, but will hinder consideration of a particular ownership model.