Home Energy Audits

Photo of a light brown home with white windows. The street runs diagonally in front of the house. The curb and landscaping are made of stones of dark and light shades of gray and brown. In front of the house, two palms trees sit in a large circular of black soil. Bushes and palm trees flank either side of the house and can be seen behind it as well. Trees with orange flowers are to the right of the house. The sky is cloudy and gray with pockets of blue showing through. Home energy audits can tell you how much energy your home uses and pinpoint problems that, when corrected, can save you money.Just how much energy does your home consume? Answering that question is your first step toward reducing your carbon footprint. There are several ways to find out if your home is an energy glutton. It's important to know where the savings opportunities are before you invest in home improvements.

Taking the Hawaiian Electric Company's interactive survey is a great way to get started on the path to a more energy-efficient home.

Next, consider a home energy audit to gauge how much energy your home consumes and help you identify practical ways to make it more energy efficient.

An audit will:

  • Pinpoint where your house is losing energy
  • Flag problems that, when corrected, can save you money over time
  • Suggest ways to conserve hot water and electricity
  • Point to ways to cool your home more efficiently.


Visit the DOE Web site to learn how you can perform a simple energy audit yourself or arrange for a more thorough professional audit.

Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative