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Home Energy Audits

Understanding exactly how much energy your home consumes is your first step in becoming energy efficient. It’s important to know where the savings opportunities are before you invest in home improvements. You can start by engaging in either of the following:

Graph of Average home energy use

The average three-bedroom, four-family home consumes most of its energy on the following appliances. As you begin taking energy efficient measures in your home, consider new technologies that are more energy efficient. This will help save money on your electricity bills and help Hawaii achieve its efficiency goal of 30% by 2030.

– Home Energy Monitors provide homeowners and renters with prompt and convenient feedback on home electric and energy use. With near real-time data updates and historical data display, individuals can identify energy consumers and observe and make change to see savings. 

– As a cost savings option, individuals may also conduct a simplified energy audit themselves using the U.S. Department of Energy 
Do-it yourself Home Assessments.