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Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative Advisory Group

Call for Nominations: HCEI Advisory Group

HCEI is currently seeking nominations for participants to be members of an Advisory Group.  The Advisory Group will strive to provide fair, balanced and accurate input to the Executive Management Team regarding the issues and challenges relevant to Hawaii’s clean energy goals and refining those goals as appropriate.  The Executive Management Team consists of the Hawaii State Energy Office, the Consumer Advocate, the USDOE, and US INDO-PACOM.  Group members will be selected from the following sectors: government (county, state, federal), economic development, utility, non-profit, community, academia, and private industry and will be expected to provide the sector perspective as we strive for a balanced and equitable statewide energy portfolio.  It is expected that the advisory group will hold regular meetings.  There will be no reimbursement for travel expenses.

Applications will be accepted annually and will remain active during the year.  Vacancies that occur between nomination periods, will be filled by the executive management team with individuals with active applications to serve as a member of the Advisory Group.  To ensure continued and equal representation across relevant stakeholder interests, beginning in 2021*, Advisory Group members will serve three-year staggered terms.

Nomination period ends September 30, 2019.  Application form is located at: hawaiicleanenergyinitiative.org/advisoryboard-nomination.


*Applicants in 2019 will be assigned a term of 1, 2, or 3 years beginning January 2020 and will have to reapply as applicable.


Send comments or questions about the HCEI Advisory Group to dbedt.hcei@hawaii.gov